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The Foreign Language Examination Centre of the Budapest Business School

The Foreign Language Examination Centre of the Budapest Business School (FLEC BBS) has been operating as an accredited language examination centre since May 2000, offering examinations at three levels (B1, B2, C1) mapped  to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) as of September 2006.

FLEC BBS runs three examination systems – special examinations in business, tourism and catering, as well as finance – allowing for the issuing of bilingual specialised language examination certificates recognised by the state at basic (B1), intermediate (B2) and advanced (C1) levels. In all examination systems, oral, written or complex » type examinations may be taken.

At FLEC BBS examinations may be taken in eight languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. For these eight languages the number of languages accredited in individual specialised language examination systems, and hence eligible for examination, varies. The Examination Centre organises three examination periods annually; a tabulated summary of the examinations that can be taken in those periods may be viewed here ».

FLEC BBS has 18 examination locations nation-wide, the contact details of which may be viewed here ».


The Centre began working in January 1995 as the Centre for Business Language Examinations, within the framework of the then College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism. Its creation was occasioned by the need of institutions of higher education in economics and of companies to measure specialised professional language usage of students, as well as of those working in business settings through professionally appropriate procedures, in accordance with requirements based on its social utility.

As its major function, the Centre has undertaken to operate and develop a system of professional, business-related, foreign language examinations, to organise and implement various language examinations, as well as to prepare and train examiners on a continuous basis.

Thanks to the efforts of the founding institutions associated with the Centre, such as the University of Pécs, the University of Debrecen and a number of other institutions, a network of places of examination has been established. When drawing up the language examination system and the requirements, the founding and subsequently associated institutions relied on the experience gained from examining their own graduating students, as well as through organising and implementing international examinations. The creation of the Centre and the publication of preparatory materials for examinations were supported by Tempus and the Foundation for Catching up with European Higher Education (FEFA).

The Centre maintains close contact with international institutions and institutions of training and examinations abroad. It has work-related ties with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as well as the Institute of International Communication of Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf. In constructing the examination system, the experience gained by the partner institutions listed above was put to good use.

In accordance with the Government Statute 71/1998 (IV 8) applicable at that time, which contained provisions for the order of language examinations recognised by the state certifying foreign language knowledge, the language examination system was submitted to the Educational Authority Accreditation Centre for Foreign Language Examination. The language examination system and places of examination of the Centre were granted accreditation in May 2000. Thus, the language examinations provided by the Centre are language examinations recognised by the state.

Ever since the accreditation, the Language Examination Centre has been constantly increasing the number of its places of examination: currently it receives university and college students, as well as the so-called external examinees in five places of examination in Budapest and fourteen outside the capital. External examinees are students of other institutions of higher education, secondary school pupils preparing for specialised language examinations, or employees of institutions or companies.

Following the accreditation, the Language Examination Centre was given the name Centre for Business Language Examinations and Training for Specialised Language Methodology; since February 2001 it has continued to work under the name Budapest Business School Centre for Foreign Language Examinations and Training. The name of the Examination Centre changed in January 2016 to Budapest Business School Centre for Foreign Language Examinations.

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